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Farming for a Plant-Strong Future

11th April 2019, The British Library, London

Nick Saltmarsh, Co-Founder of Hodmedod

Nick Saltmarsh founded Hodmedod with two colleagues in 2012 after realising that fava beans were widely grown but little eaten in the UK, despite being a delicious and nutritious source of vegetable protein. Hodmedod's initial aim was simply to bring the beans back into British kitchens, but this proved the catalyst for further opportunities to develop the production and market for existing, forgotten and novel pulses and grains, including pulse flours and roasted pulse snacks. In 2017, Hodmedod won Best Food Producer in the BBC Food and Farming Awards, in recognition of its work to increase diversity on farms and in the food we eat, for the sake of farming and farmed landscapes, the environment, individual health and our food culture.