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11th April 2019, The British Library, London

Iain Tolhurst, Tolhurst Organic

Iain has been an organic producer since 1976, and grows a wide range of mixed veg on 19 acres of land at Hardwick Estate in south Oxfordshire. He is considered to be a leading expert on stockfree (Veganic) organic horticulture, and his farm is a model of productivity centred on biodiversity and green manure systems. His farm is now operated as a Community Interest Company and was the first to attain the Stockfree Organic certification in 2004. The farm has had no grazing animals and no animal inputs to any part of the farm for the past 30 years.
He also works part time as an advisor for many horticultural farms nationally and internationally. He has written several books about his experiences, the most recent being “Back to Earth”.