Grow Green
Farming for a Plant-Strong Future

11th April 2019, The British Library, London

How a plant-strong future can help meet climate change targets. It's time to shift food production to mirror consumer demands.

About the Conference

This one-day conference at the British Library will explore the potential and challenges of the shift towards farming more plants, and look at the benefits for the environment, public health and animals.

It will discuss the implications of this shift for farmers, land managers and rural communities and explore how we can work together to manage the challenges we face. It will consider how we can tend our land more effectively, to provide for our changing diets, benefit our farming communities and protect our natural environment. 

At the intersection of academia, policy-making, and agriculture, this conference is unique. It will see leading lights descend on London to focus on problems and solutions in a concrete way, in order to secure a brighter, plant-strong future.

Latest News

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19/2/19Renee King-Sonnen announced

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